Mlily brings decades of experience in the global mattress industry and is one of the largest manufacturers of “Memory Foam” in the global market. Located in Jiangsu, China, the Mlily factory boast a larger 3,000,000 square feet facility that’s equipped with the latest technology to keep up with the ever changing manufacturing industry to ensure that the still largely untapped potential of quality Chinese manufacturing is realized within the Australia sleep products market. Utilizing the latest design trends and innovation, Mlily products are well positioned as premium products at extremely attractive pricing.


The Mlily fully bespoke model means that we can cater to whatever your organization has the vision for at a price which guarantees maximization of profit for your products. Alternatively, we have a ‘Brochure Range’ of mattresses and related products which you can purchase directly from our retail network of stockists ensuring competitively priced, premium quality products that are ready for delivery. There is also an option of purchasing container loads of products which can help your organization realize further savings and in turn better profitability.


Let us make it easy for you to eliminate the hassle of managing your sourcing or production function so that you can focus even more on what is really important.


Mlily is endorsed by the “Manchester United Team”, the ten-year deal consists of Mlily helping the Manchester United team with the sleep and recovery of players. As quality of sleep and rest are key to a player’s preparations, Mlily works closely with staff at the Aon Training Complex, where Mlily mattresses are used in the Complex’s existing sleeping pods.


Mlily is highly experienced in producing and distributing mattresses and pillows, serving worldwide retail partners for many years. The company is a world leader in producing memory foam and other speciality foams, from which its mattresses are made. The company believes the partnership will strengthen the brand and enhance further its recognition. Mlily’s brand is also visible on league matchdays at Old Trafford, featuring on United’s digital perimeter boards.


Manchester United group managing director Richard Arnold comments: “Mlily has an established track record of producing a high quality product. We want to make the best use of the latest technology and expertise that can help our team, which in this case is the sleep and recovery of players. “A global partnership with us will certainly help Mlily achieve its global ambitions and bring a high quality product to our worldwide family of fans. We look forward to working together.”


James Ni, founder of Mlily, comments: “We have been active in multiple channels of the bedding industry for several years. Our experience along with our commitment to producing high quality mattresses and pillows has resulted in stress-free sleep and healthier lives for customers. These results are now available to Manchester United’s players and will find a wider audience due to our global partnership.”


All Mlily’s products are put through rigorous testing and are certified by the following organisations to ensure they meet the highest standards in the industry.


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