Enhanceipolar Gel Fusion Mattress Topper


The Enhanceipolar MattressTopper is made from our Memory Foam Infused with the cooling touch of Gel that enhances your mattress with added comfort on the sleep surface.


Designed to regulate heat and enhance breathability and comfortably support and cradle the hip and shoulder regions as you sleep. Comes with corner straps for secure tting. Available in 50mm & 75mm thickness.

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Gel Fusion Mattress Topper

Cool Gel is infused into Memory Foam to manage temperature and ensure optimum sleeping comfort.

Memory Foam conforms to your unique body shape and helps to alleviate pressure points and discomfort for a better night’s sleep.

A removable cleanable cover is the only way that you can easily and conveniently get rid of dust mites, smell, mold, and perspiration.You can relax knowing that you’re sleeping in a hygienic and fresh environment.